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Engaging in comprehensive lawn service can be very advantageous for you. One of the biggest benefits that you would enjoy is the increase in your property’s market value. To top it off, such gain is not taxable because it is considered by the government as unearned income. Do you find this interesting? Now that we have your full attention, it is imperative for you to study the different garden styles. Being aware of this would help you make a wise decision. Then it is necessary for you to continue reading the whole text. Here they are:

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Lawn care servicesCottage Garden – If you want to grow edible vegetation in your garden, then you should consider having your landscaper create a design for a cottage garden. This garden style originated in 14th century England. This type of garden was grown because homeowners wanted a readily available source of fruits and herbs. It was now possible to do this because there was a lot of land made available after the black death.

This garden style is characterized by a relaxed layout. It is often populated by edible plants. Aside from that, roses and vines are often associated with this garden style. You can even go for something non-traditional and request your lawn service provider to plant a dogwood.

Butterfly Garden – The main function of this garden style is to attract butterflies and certain moths. This particular garden has to have plants that become a host for caterpillars. One very important element of this garden is a butterfly house. This can help increase the population of butterflies, especially the endangered ones. But you have to be warned that this type of garden needs special care because the butterflies have a lot of predators.

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It is imperative for you to choose a garden style that would complement your existing exterior painting scheme. To ensure that happens, you must ask the help of a lawn service provider. There is no one better in Stamford, CT than Colorado Services LLC - Stamford. We can give you the pros and cons of the garden style so that you can choose the most appropriate garden style for your lifestyle. So call us now at (203) 242-8256 for lasting garden care.


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