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The Lawn Installation Service That Will Cover All Your Needs in Stamford, CT

You have decided to alter the outdoor features of your property by installing a new lawn. The only thing that is left for you is to hire a reliable landscaping company to handle the job. Well, consider the task completed, as you have discovered us and we at Colorado Services LLC - Stamford are praised for providing a top-quality lawn installation service. Our practice is over a decade old and during that time we have aided numerous property owners to change the green spaces around their houses, blocks or places of work.

Fast and effective lawn installation service in Stamford, CT

Lawn installation serviceImmense Variety of Sods to Choose From

We will turn your attention towards a large selection of sods so that you can choose the one that best fits the overall scheme of your property. Here are the most common types of lawn that we have contacted to install in Stamford, CT.

Bermudagrass — This is a warm season grass with a dark green color.

Centipedegrass — Another warm season turf that is known for its low maintenance and medium to dark green color.

Fine fescue — A cool season sod that a deep green color. It is considered to have the best grass blade of any type of lawn.

Kentucky bluegrass — Known for its density the Kentucky bluegrass is a cold season turf with a dark green color.

Ryegrass — Perhaps the most commonly used type of sod. A cool season grass with a dark green color that has a growth rate that is above average.

Have Your Lawn Placed with the Most Modern Methods

At Colorado Services LLC - Stamford, we can also install not so popular types of grass, so just tell us what kind of sod you wish to have and we will provide it for you. Our lawn installation service is customized in consonance with the finest landscaping practices, which is why we are able to conduct flawlessly demanding and complex projects with flying colors.

Affordable lawn installation service provider in Stamford, CT

You can book our lawn installation service in Stamford, CT by calling (203) 242-8256. However, we would advise you to contact us today, so that we can fit you in order schedule and provide you the assistance that you need as soon as possible.


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