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Water is essential in making your lawn rich and green, as well an important part of the adequate lawn care. It maintains the structure and growth of your plants and is important in the transfer of nutrients. Regular watering can make your grass lusher, giving you a lawn you could only dream of. But from the long hours in the office to taking care of the kids, who has the time to water your plants? A lawn care company can offer you the solution for your worries: a sprinkler.

Benefits You Could Get from a Lawn Care Company in Stamford, CT

Lawn care company Hiring a company to install a sprinkler system may be costly, but the benefits far outweighs the money you spend. Here are a few advantages you get from such a decision:


Most homeowners use excessive amounts of water whenever they water their plants. With the use of a water hose, some homeowners water their plants like a violent rainstorm rather than a gentle drizzle. Not only is this bad for the plants, it is also bad for you. Why? You could have your water bills skyrocketing in no time. Your utility bill might not show as much drastic change when using a sprinkler. In a year or two, though, you’ll see that watering your lawn with a sprinkler can help you save more.

Effects on the Plants

As mentioned earlier, some water their plants like there’s no tomorrow. Water might be beneficial for your grass, but too much of it is bad. Over-watering makes your lawn susceptible to diseases. It could make your lawn soggy and cause some root rot, which is a fungal disease. On the other hand, some homeowners also practice under-watering. This causes the blades of your grass to wilt and grow slowly. Additionally, it makes your soil dry, which would be disastrous. Installing a sprinkler system can help you avoid such predicament by ensuring a consistent water supply to your lawn.


An apparent reason why you should consider an irrigation system or sprinkler is to save time. They work on their own. They have timers that you can preset for daily or weekly watering. This way, you don’t have to worry about watering and can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every time you come home, your lawn would be beautiful and healthy.

Reliable lawn care company in Stamford, CT

If you live in Stamford, CT and looking for a lawn care company to install a sprinkler, Colorado Services LLC - Stamford are the guys for the job! They offer lawn services such as landscape installation and irrigation. Call (203) 242-8256 now to learn more!


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